Fios Enhances Evidence Collection Services

Jan 31, 2006

Fios Inc., an electronic discovery (ED) services provider, has unveiled new technologies designed to enhance its evidence collection services. Fios Collection Manager is a new IT-enabled service that extends both analysis and collection of potentially relevant evidence directly to the desktop or a remote laptop. The new technologies built into Fios Collection Manager are designed to help legal and IT teams navigate the evidence collection process.

Some of the major features being added to Fios' collection services with Fios Collection Manager, include: evidence collection over the Internet, designed to facilitate evidence collection in encrypted form without disruption to affected employees' daily work; rules-based collections, which can enable the harvesting of more targeted collection sets early on in the process; chain-of-custody and metadata authentication at the point of collection, designed to reduce the risk of evidence spoliation from the moment data is harvested from the computer; and early views into the data with a Metadata Analysis option designed to enable legal teams to gain an early view into the types and volume of data that might be relevant to the discovery request--before collection begins.