Financial Times to Launch on Facebook at Work

Mar 01, 2016

The Financial Times is working with Facebook to offer a business version of the popular social network to its staff around the globe. "We want to provide our employees with a place to interact with each other securely and easily, anywhere in the world. We hope Facebook at Work will help further foster a culture of collaboration and a sense of community across our global workforce", said Darcy Keller, SVP of communications and marketing at the FT.

Facebook at Work will allow FT staff to create internal groups and events, publish and discuss company announcements, and follow or message coworkers. In addition to the desktop version, employees on the move will be able to access Facebook at Work via mobile and tablet. Like Facebook itself, Facebook at Work offers familiar features such as newsfeed, messaging, groups, events, video and VoIP calling, and auto-translation.

While the platform looks and feels similar to the Facebook used by one billion people every day, Facebook at Work is completely separate from personal Facebook accounts, meaning all information shared will only be accessible to other FT colleagues. The platform is secure and safe; all data that resides in the application will belong to the FT and will not be shared with Facebook or third parties.