Fidelis Incorporates Information Flow Map

Mar 05, 2010

Network security firm Fidelis Security Systems added a new feature to its Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System (XPS), a next-generation network security platform. Called the Information Flow Map, the new feature creates a real-time map that tracks the flow of application and network data across a system, giving administrators greater perception and control over their networks.

The Information Flow Map is built on the patented Deep Session Inspection platform, allowing Fidelis XPS to track the movement of data on the level of individual sessions and provide an added layer of defense against possible intrusion, leakage, or data theft. The real-time nature of the map also helps network administrators discover ongoing business processes and pinpoint the potential for leaks before they occur, by cataloging information such as the most active hosts on a network, as well as the information and protocols being utilized by each.

The Information Flow Map is part of Fidelis XPS, the company's next-gen security solution designed to give government, military, and commercial enterprise customers the ability to manage and observe network security and comprehensive information protection in real-time on multi-gigabit, high-speed networks.