FeedStream Launches FLUiD CMS 4.5

Aug 17, 2004


FeedStream Inc., a Canadian software company, has announced the launch of FLUiD CMS 4.5, the latest version of their Web content management system (CMS). FLUiD CMS 4.5 is an XML-based CMS that is designed to simplify creating and managing a professional Web site. FLUiD CMS 4.5 does not require additional server software, can be hosted on any Web server, and is designed to be easy for non-technical users. The word processor interface used within FLUiD CMS 4.5 is a Web-enhanced version of the OpenOffice.org Writer authoring component. In addition, FLUiD CMS 4.5 uses XML publishing templates that separate content from site design. The software is available as a single author license, starting at $449. Multi-user packs are also available for larger authoring teams, at a discounted price.