Fastclick and Mirror Image Donate Technology to Internet PSA Campaigns

Mar 21, 2003

The Advertising Council, a non-profit organization and producer of public service advertising (PSA) campaigns, has announced that Fastclick AdServer and Mirror Image Internet will donate ad serving and content delivery technology for the distribution of Ad Council Internet PSAs to users nationwide. Under the partnership, Fastclick AdServer and Mirror Image's instaContent Delivery service are the preferred solution providers for Ad Council online PSA distribution. The Advertising Council develops PSA campaigns for approximately 45 public issues, ranging from childhood hunger to drunk driving prevention and colon cancer prevention and detection. More than 30 of the Ad Council's campaigns currently include Internet PSAs. The combined Fastclick AdServer and Mirror Image solution provides ad management technology, content delivery, built-in targeting, and ad performance reporting. All of the Ad Council's PSAs are run and aired in media-donated advertising time and space. Last year, the Ad Council received more than $1.5 billion in donated media for its PSA campaigns, with more than $224.6 million of the total media support coming from the Internet. Fastclick began supporting Ad Council PSAs in September of 2000. Since then, they have served more than 5 billion Ad Council public service ads including the Environmental Defense and Connect-for-Kids.

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