Factiva and Verity Partner

Oct 31, 2003

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, and Verity Inc. have announced an agreement intended to help global enterprise customers to organize their intellectual capital assets. The companies will jointly offer enterprise customers the opportunity to integrate a set of Factiva's industry-specific taxonomies with Verity's intellectual capital management software, K2 Enterprise. In addition, customers can gain access to Factiva's global collection of nearly 8,000 content sources, and engage the taxonomy and technical experts of Factiva Client Solutions.

Under the terms of the partnership, Factiva will offer its content and taxonomy expertise, including strategy and implementation for use with Verity's flagship intellectual capital management solution, K2 Enterprise. Factiva will offer its general business taxonomy for companies, industries, regions, and subjects, as well as its recently announced specialized pharmaceutical and healthcare taxonomy. Factiva Client Solutions, including its taxonomy specialists, will now be available to assist with Verity implementations.

(http://www.factiva.com), (http://www.verity.com)