Factiva Media Visibility Index Tracks Democratic Presidential Candidates

Nov 04, 2003

From November 2003 through the Democratic National Convention in July 2004, the Factiva Media Visibility Index will track the number of monthly media mentions garnered by each of the candidates competing to be the Democratic Party's nominee for the 2004 Presidential election. Compiled by Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, the Factiva Media Visibility Index is intended to enable the media to see an accurate snapshot of the subject being covered. The search method is designed to weed out the extraneous press mentions that are not timely or are irrelevant to the searched subject. The Factiva Media Visibility Index specifically searches the most influential news and business newspapers and magazines in the United States.

Here is how the candidates fared from a media perspective during the month of October 2003: Howard Dean--2186 media mentions; Wesley Clark--1834 media mentions; Joe Lieberman--1529 media mentions; John Kerry--1405 media mentions; John Edwards--1237 media mentions; Dick Gephardt--1182 media mentions; Dennis Kucinich--785 media mentions; Al Sharpton--694 media mentions; Carol Moseley Braun--419 media mentions. The next Factiva Media Visibility Index pertaining to the Democratic Presidential Candidates will be released on December 1, 2003.