Facebook Stock Dips as Employees are Able to Sell Shares

Nov 01, 2012

After Facebook saw its stock prices rise after better than anticipated Q3 results, employees got their first chance to sell off their pre-IPO stock. Despite a lack of concrete numbers, it's clear that plenty of people did sell, and stock dipped a bit. According to CNET, Facebook's stock traded at nearly twice its normal volume and ended up down just under 4%.

This all came after a delay in trading courtesy of Hurricane Sandy's effect on lower Manhattan and the New York Stock Exchange.


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Facebook's post-IPO struggles can be baffling to the average person. How can a company with over a billion active users be experiencing so much trouble with its stock price--and revenue building in general? But those troubles may be behind the social network after a better than expected third quarter earnings report. And in a flurry of not-so-great earnings news from other companies, Facebook is reaping the benefits.