FIZ Launches Website and Enhances AutoDoc

Dec 02, 2008

FIZ Karlsruhe has made improvements to FIZ AutoDoc. The re-designed full text brokerage system offers customers access to scientific publications, research reports, patent documents, and company information as well as structured assistance for navigation and administration. FIZ AutoDoc can be accessed through a web portal, corporate intranets, or after a search in STN International's databases via the STN Full-Text Solution.

FIZ Karlsruhe also announced it has re-designed and re-structured the website of its online service STN International which is operated together with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). The new website provides direct access to the database online service via different user interfaces. The new website also offers information material (topical news, database descriptions, workshop manuals, presentations, search tips, etc.) for researchers.