FAST's AlltheWeb Unveils New User Interface

Mar 07, 2003

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of search and real-time alert technologies, has unveiled a cleaner and more streamlined look to its search site, In addition to offering AlltheWeb users a new interface on the site, banner ads have been removed, and a new URL investigator tool has been added to the site. The URL investigator tool is designed to enable webmasters and end users to obtain detailed information about a particular Web site or a Web page by entering its URL into the search box. For example, when "" is entered, the resulting page will contain information such as a site description, the language it is written in, the size of the document located at the specified URL, the list of subdomains for the site, some statistics about the URL, and the list of topics in which the site is found. AlltheWeb delivers search results from over 2.1 billion Web pages and integrates them with breaking news results from thousands of news sources and hundreds of millions of image, video, audio, and software files. Other features of AlltheWeb include advanced linguistics, categorization techniques, and support for over 49 languages.

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