Jan 30, 2004

Fast Search & Transfer, a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has introduced FAST ESP, an enterprise search platform that enables organizations to intelligently and dynamically retrieve and analyze the complete collection of information existing across their entire enterprise and from the Web.

Running on low-cost, high performance servers, the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP) enables organizations to gain a 360-degree view of relevant structured data stored in databases, as well as the unstructured data of documents, emails, presentations, Web pages, and more. Whether data exists in multiple databases and applications, on corporate intranets, or on the Web, FAST ESP can provide access and scalability in data volume, number of users, and freshness of data. It also enables organizations to draw one complete view of all the information they need. According to the company, FAST ESP is designed for rapid integration with low or no impact on the existing infrastructure, and supports multiple deployments from a single implementation.

The new capabilities of FAST ESP were designed to complement and strengthen enterprise software suites such as ERP, CRM and SCM, as well as software systems for data mining, data extraction, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Its architecture is open, modular, and scalable across three dimensions: data volume, number of users and frequency of use, and data latency. FAST ESP also includes support for fault tolerance and data consistency; real-time data input and query capabilities; high-level, tuneable, multilingual relevancy frameworks; LiveAnalytics for integrated on-the-fly information access and discovery; and BMCP, which enables business users to tune and optimize the system to reflect business objectives.

FAST ESP provides the technology needed to create specialized search-dependent solutions called Search Derivative Applications (SDAs). Rather than requiring totally separate development efforts and implementation, SDAs can be rapidly developed based on the flexible framework of the FAST ESP platform. FAST ESP also serves as the underlying technology of the new portfolio of FAST Data Search solutions, which are specifically formulated for high-value enterprise functions that can directly impact revenue. Among these are: FAST Data Search, FAST Data Search, FAST Data Search for Intranets, FAST Data Search for Compliance, and FAST Data Search 360.