Exsys Launches New Knowledge Tool

Mar 17, 2006

A new software product from Exsys Inc. is designed to give Web designers and marketing professionals a way to integrate the product knowledge of a salesperson into ecommerce sites. Based on artificial intelligence technology, Exsys Selector provides interaction with customers, and through logical analysis, provides product recommendations based on each customer's specific requirements.

Selector systems emulate a conversation through a Web-based interactive session that asks questions, analyzes applicable products, and produces individualized recommendations. Selector can be effective for complex products that may be confusing to customers where there are competing factors to consider. Also, unlike database approaches to product selection, it always finds and recommends the best product, even when all customer requirements do not match up precisely. Selector uses sales knowledge captured in the system to evaluate how well each product matches a customer's needs. It ranks the various factors to find products. A report can automatically be generated for each product on how it meets, or differs, from the customer's requests.

Product data, like features and pricing are stored in a spreadsheet file or database, allowing it to be updated and maintained as items are added or changed. Selector systems can have direct access to inventory data and corporate databases, integrate into existing ecommerce sites, and link to shopping carts. Selector itself is available immediately for a one-user price of $2,999, which includes a deployment license to run systems online and a full-year of software upgrades and technical support.