Exalead Unveils First Semantic Search Service

Sep 25, 2007

Exalead, a global provider of search software for business and the web, has introduced BAAGZ, a service that brings together semantic search and social networking. BAAGZ fosters a collaborative environment where users can connect with others on the web who have similar interests-- whether hobbies, travel, music, or news-- in order to share and enhance this content with new ideas, in effect contributing to the expansion of the Semantic Web. At the foundation of BAAGZ is a search engine based on Exalead's Semantic Web search technology, Search By Serendipity, which is already available.

BAAGZ is a new form of social network that represents a live network of shared interests. These shared interests are characterized by the public content contained within individual folders, called baagz, that act as shortcuts to your favorite web sites, articles, pictures, videos, RSS feeds, and notes. In addition, BAAGZ allows its users to engage in real-time interaction with other users through collaboration and communications tools. Through these tools and the central BAAGZ dashboard, users can watch their own baagz evolve and grow through contributions from others on the BAAGZ network, as well as those they have subscribed to that are managed by other BAAGZ users. As a result, users have a visual, interactive, real-time content feed on their BAAGZ homepage.

(www.baagz.com, www.exalead.com)