Event Invite, Leaked Images Has Facebook Phone Rumor Mill Buzzing Again

Apr 02, 2013

It would be understandable if the rumors of a Facebook phone finally coming to fruition on April Fools Day didn't quite grab your attention - after all, we've heard this before. But Facebook is, in fact, holding an Android-centric event on its campus on Thursday, April 4. The press invite was predictably and tantalizingly vague saying, "Come see our new home on Android." Speculation began immediately.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has, in the past, denied that Facebook was looking to produce a phone. But speculators continue to eagerly await a phone that, as Mashable reports, might look something like, "a handset created through a partnership with HTC that would run a modified version of Android with deep Facebook integration."

Android Police posted photos of what it says are leaked images of the home screen of the HTC Myst Facebook phone. However, there isn't much to look at because only Facebook employees can log-in and actually use it.

Of course, the announcement could be as mundane as a new app, and we won't know until the actual announcement is made.

(Facebook.com, Google.com)

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