European Division of GM Chooses EyeWonder's EYERIS G3

Aug 12, 2003

EyeWonder, a provider of instant streaming video and audio solutions, has announced that Vauxhall Motors, a European division of General Motors, has licensed the EYERIS G3 solution to stream their TV spots within their online ads and Web site ( content, promoting the launches of the new Meriva and Signum.

The EyeMedia platform is designed to streamline campaign management by allowing collaboration between designers and account planners. As soon as a campaign goes live, account planners can track its success via reports such as percentage of video impressions, user interaction rates, percent of video being viewed, and other campaign metrics. In addition to appearing on Vauxhall's site, the ads are running on several European Web sites including Autosport, Channel4, GQ magazine, ITV, iVillage (Europe), Guardian, MSN (Europe), Times, Yahoo! (Europe), and

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