EntropySoft announces the availability of a .NET SDK

May 09, 2008


EntropySoft, specialist of the enterprise eontent integration market and unstructured data integration, announced the availability of a .NET software development kit (SDK) for its connectors and its Content Federation Server. By making available its technology to Windows-centric applications, EntropySoft is working towards simple, normalized access to all content repositories. This new software development kit adds .NET to the already supported technologies: Java, Flex and web services. The SDK is fully documented with a reference guide, code samples, and contextual help via Microsoft Intellisense. The kit is made to accelerate the understanding and implementation of EntropySoft technology. Using this SDK, it is now possible to browse all content repositories and also create a document, modify a version, change permissions, and modify metada in a .NET environment.

The kit is designed to be used with EntropySoft’s bidirectional connectors and content federation solution. The connectors are used to normalize access to all document repositories. They allow users to rapidly integrate the underlying features of all content repositories into third party applications. The .NET SDK facilitates access to these applications and their features in a Microsoft environment.