Enhancements for Web-based Serials Management System EBSCONET

May 03, 2005

EBSCONET, EBSCO's Web-based serials management system used to order, search for, claim, and renew periodical subscriptions online, has expanded its report availability and data transfer format options. Twelve new serials management reports are now available to help librarians with collection development and assessment, budgeting and more. The additional reports, available online, are: Abstract and Index Report by Title, Combination/Membership Report, Library of Congress Classification Report (no price information), List of Membership Titles, Standing Order/Bill Later Summary, Subscription Data File, Subscriber List by Special Name, Summary of Foreign Publications Ordered, Summary of New Titles Ordered, Summary of Payments Report, Survey Report, and Titles with Claiming Restrictions (with or without Frequency). Reports may be delivered as a Portable Document Format (.pdf) (all except the Subscription Data File), or in comma-delimited ASCII (.txt) or Microsoft (MS) Excel (.xls) formats.

The customized EBSCO Bulletin of Serials Changes (EBOSC) is also now available online. This report includes a monthly catalog containing title change information provided by the publishers for a one-month reporting period. It includes title changes, new titles, delivery problems, frequency changes, discontinued titles, split titles, merged titles, suspended titles, resumption of publication, and more. All report files on EBSCONET (existing and new) are now also in the Zip format to ensure secure and efficient data transfer and storage.