Engineering Information Announces Day Pass

Jun 16, 2006

Engineering Information has announced the introduction of Engineering Village Day Pass to provide engineering researchers with an intelligent research service. Day Pass is an instant access option, offering 24-hour use of the Compendex database on Engineering Village. Compendex is a database of published engineering literature spanning over 35 years of content. Engineering Village is a web research tool designed for engineering research. Day Pass was built for engineering professionals with periodic needs for high quality scientific and technical information. Instead of requiring annual contracts, Day Pass provides these professionals with the option to purchase access to information on an as needed basis, as projects require.

Day Pass offers a fixed daily price combined with an unlimited access model. During a purchased twenty-four hour subscription period, a user can perform an unlimited number of searches and view an unlimited number of records. Costs do not escalate based on searches performed and will not increase based on the number of records viewed. Access is available for a flat rate of $49.95 per day and can be purchased via credit card. Under a special Day Pass launch promotion, a select number of users will receive a free Day Pass. These users may then pass along a free day of access to up to five friends or colleagues. During the promotional period, each of those friends or colleagues will in turn be able to send free Day Passes to their friends and colleagues.