Endeca Unveils New Information Access Solutions

Dec 02, 2005

Endeca, a provider of Guided Navigation, Search and Analysis solutions, has announced the availability of new Information Access Solutions for Media & Publishing. Built on Endeca's search and Guided Navigation platform, the solutions are designed to help online publishers, content providers, and other information suppliers deploy powerful retrieval capabilities for Web sites, customer and employee-facing content services, and online directory applications.

Each of the new information access solutions combine search and navigation functionality with Content Spotlighting capabilities, providing users and customers with multiple, integrated ways to explore, find, and access content through a single interface. Features of these search capabilities include: spell correction/suggestion, phrase recognition, entity/noun extraction, "snippeting" (keyword in context), and more. Content Spotlighting features--unique to Endeca--give publishers new capabilities to promote contextually relevant and high-value content along side search results lists and to provide dynamically-created topic pages--all based on a user's profile, search terms, and/or browse path.