Endeca Announces Endeca Information Access Platform 5.0

Oct 10, 2006

Endeca, an information access company, has unveiled the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP) 5.0, a new release that combines search with business intelligence. The Endeca IAP 5.0 brings together all the tools and techniques people need to speed information discovery and analysis--search, Guided Navigation, ad hoc analysis, visualization, and text analytics--into a single, interactive user experience. It also introduces a new and enhanced capabilities, including Relationship Discovery, extended enterprise integration, and business control features to help organizations deploy new classes of information access applications.

Features of the Endeca IAP 5.0 include: new relationship discovery with interactive text analytics capabilities that complement the Endeca IAP's search, Guided Navigation, analysis and context-sensitive presentation capabilities--all integrated in a single user experience and all powered by Endeca's MDEX Engine technology; Entity Discovery, Term Discovery, and Cluster Discovery capabilities reveal relationships in enterprise content (records, documents, web pages, text files, etc.) based on shared people, places, concepts, tags, and other entities hidden in free form text files; relationships can be presented in information access applications as Guided Navigation refinements, highlighted links, related terms and/or new document clusters; new, valid relationships are continually exposed and recalculated based on the context of the user; new workflow capabilities; a web-based relevance ranking evaluator gives Endeca application owners the ability to understand the impact of different relevancy ranking strategies and respond to changing business needs; new granular permissions delivers enhanced security and gives Endeca application owners new abilities to manage who has control over specific areas of information access applications; a new SOA interface; new reporting and visualization integration; extended integration with critical enterprise applications; and extended platform support. The Endeca IAP 5.0 will be generally available in November 2006.