Encompass 3.5 Under Beta Testing in Libraries

Dec 23, 2003

Endeavor Information Systems has announced that the next version of the ENCompass system for managing, searching and linking collections is currently under beta testing in libraries. The new version, ENCompass 3.5 will be generally released following the completion of the testing process.

The fifth release of the digital library system is designed to offer user-centered features, staff-oriented workflow updates, support for the Unicode standard for display of non-Roman text, and the FAST search engine for increased speed and performance of searches. Special purchase additions to ENCompass such as the Course Content Integrator for elearning integration and the content gateway to interact with Luna Insight visual imaging software are also available with the ENCompass 3.5 version. ENCompass 3.5 is available for both UNIX and LINUX installations. New features in the ENCompass Web interface are intended to give end-users greater differentiation of portal features, such as determining "clickable" resources like full-text and "searchable" resources like A&I repositories.

Available at an additional cost, the Course Content Integrator module, available for purchase with ENCompass 3.5, facilitates integration between learning management systems such as the Blackboard Learning System Release 6.0 and the WebCT Vista 2.1 academic enterprise system. Also available at an additional cost to the core ENCompass system, the ENCompass premium content gateway to Luna Insight increases the availability of detailed collections held within the institution.