Encoding.com Releases Mobile Made Easy

Sep 14, 2010

Encoding.com, an encoding service provider, released Mobile Made Easy, a collection of video encoding presets designed to meet the specific video requirements of all popular mobile phones. With this new product and its existing iPhone and iPhone streaming presets, Encoding.com reports that it now offers encoding services to 80% of the smartphone market. Mobile Made Easy aims to simplify the encoding process, requiring users only to select the applicable preset button and specify source and destination locations; Encoding.com's cloud-based service then prepares the video for delivery via the content producer's web server.

Among the organizations making use of Mobile Made Easy is Nature Education, a part of Nature Publishing Group. Nature Education is using Encoding.com's service to make Scitable, an open-access science library, available on all popular mobile phones. The mobile version of Scitable was launched on August 25.

(www.encoding.com; www.nature.com)