Emagine Releases emagiC Version 3.1

Aug 05, 2003

Emagine, a provider of site and content management solutions and Web applications, has developed the emagiC CMS suite, a standardized CMS solution aimed at mid-sized projects, and has just released emagiC Version 3.1. With most multi-lingual software, the language is determined at install time, but emagiC is designed to allow users to do so at run-time and per user. Currently, emagiC is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese. Emagine expects to add more languages in the near future. With the built-in translation tools, users can also create a new language version in case it is not yet available from Emagine. emagiC v3.1 also incorporates improved support for different character sets, including Unicode.