Elsevier Releases SciVerse Applications Beta

Nov 18, 2010

Elsevier launched SciVerse Applications beta, a new feature of the SciVerse platform that allows members of the scientific community to develop and share customized search and discovery programs through its marketplace and developer network. Additionally, more than a dozen applications for improving researcher workflow and enhancing the value of content are available through SciVerse Applications.

Included in the launch are content APIs from SciVerse, ScienceDirect, SciVerse Scopus, and SciVerse Hub beta, as well as framework APIs that allow applications to be integrated directly into SciVerse. Some of the applications now available via the SciVerse Applications marketplace are eReader Formats, which converts articles for viewing on any e-reader device; My Workflow Search, which enables users to find experimental workflows and connect with users working on similar experiments; and Quantifind, a search application that leverages data instead of keywords.