Elsevier Launches MT Toolbox

Feb 21, 2006

Cadmus Communications Corporation has announced that Elsevier is launching a new electronic access to its medical transcription reference service using Cadmus' QLU desktop access application. By offering content through QLU (Quick LookUp), the publisher provides its subscription base with search capabilities and instant access to up-to-date versions of the suite of Elsevier medical reference titles included in their MT Toolbox offering.

By moving the reference sources from the library bookshelf to the user's desktops, the MT Toolbox powered by QLU can improve the speed at which MTs can work. QLU also enables publishers to offer trial subscriptions for conversion to paid subscriptions using a built-in ecommerce engine. In addition, QLU manages subscription expirations to increase renewal rates and revenues compared to print and CD-ROM distribution models. QLU is designed to enhance product development with usage tracking and a reporting tool as well as enabling revenue growth with contextual and rich-media advertising opportunities for publications.

(www.elsevier.com; www.cadmus.com)