Elsevier Collaborates with MIT Researchers

Dec 16, 2005

Elsevier has announced a special collaboration with researchers in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to bring the benefits of the scientific Web to researchers around the world. "Search Scirus with TEK", combines Scirus, Elsevier's scientific search engine, with TEK's low bandwidth solution to maximize access to the scientific Web in developing countries.

Researchers at institutions in developing countries submit a query through the TEK search engine, which is emailed directly to MIT. The TEK Server searches the Web, locates pages, selects which pages to send back, compresses them, and returns them back to the user. Because the search results are returned asynchronously, by email, the connectivity charges are lower. Elsevier's Scirus search engine will add to the TEK project by providing access to the scientific subset of the Web. As part of "Search Scirus with TEK," Scirus will enable researchers to retrieve relevant search results while spending minimum time online.

(www.tek.sourceforge.net; www.scirus.com; www.elsevier.com)