Elandel Services Releases Deskovery v.3.15b

Nov 21, 2006

Elandel Services Ltd, an Israel provider of intellectual property services, has announced the release of Deskovery v.3.15b. Deskovery permits inventors to access publicly available sources of United States patents and to see patent abstracts pertinent to their invention. Abstracts can be printed directly from Deskovery. The program has a free trivia game about inventions and patents to entertain and educate patent hunters.

Deskovery offers a compact user interface with fields where users can type in keywords related to an invention. Depending on the type of the edition (Lite or Pro), users can specify 2 or 3 keywords. Boolean 'AND'/'OR' operators can be used to customize a search too. A click on the 'Go' icon starts a search. Deskovery will respond with either 'No patents have matched your query' or with 1 or 3 patent abstracts in Lite or Pro edition respectively. When a patent search is over, users can entertain themselves by playing a game. Access to the site is available through a site link in the Deskovery software. Site clients have the choice of three patent search types, such as Standard Search/Patentability, Patent Family/Status, and Validity. Users can download Deskovery Lite and try it for free for 7 days.

Deskovery 3.15b runs under Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003. For the duration of the launch campaign, the product is available for $3.99 for the Lite Edition, and $9.99 for the Pro Edition. Registered users are entitled to free technical support and upgrades.

(www.patentgate.com; www.elandel-services.com)