El Loco Launches Mobile Localization App

Jan 14, 2016

El Loco, a start-up based in Emeryville, CA, and founded by long-time Macintosh entrepreneur, Kee Nethery, launched a localization service for IOS developers who want to translate their apps into more than one language without engaging in the time-consuming and highly complex task themselves. Over the past three years, the company has filed numerous patents to simplify key functions of localization so that source code can be continuously and accurately translated for its clients. What El Loco does is localize source code so that translators selected by developers can more easily and accurately translate the app.

The service works with any translators or translation companies the developer prefers. El Loco is free for translation of one iOS app into two languages; $20 a month for three apps and an unlimited number of languages; and $100 per month for unlimited apps and languages.

El Loco was conceived when Netherly, also founder and CEO of Kagi, realized that apps localized in the five top languages saw a sales increase from 15% to 50%. Most developers, however, don't localize because of the hassle, despite the greater revenues they could achieve. Today, 65% percent of iOS mobile apps are English only, and another 15% have a second language besides English.