Ektron and PR Newswire Offer Newswire Module and Application

Oct 11, 2011

Ektron, Inc. and PR Newswire Association, LLC. partnered to integrate press release publishing and social media monitoring into the Ektron platform with PR Newswire Sync and the PR Newswire Listening Dashboard.

Sync allows communications professionals to simultaneously publish their PR Newswire-distributed press releases on their Ektron-powered website. The module automatically takes news releases published through PR Newswire and reproduces them. Sync also adds a condensed version of the release to the organization's website.

A social media monitoring application, the Listening Dashboard enables users to monitor conversations about their brand or company on both online and social channels. The application utilizes keywords and search strings to gather comprehensive reports.

(www.ektron.com, www.prnewswire.com)