Ektron Launches Ektron CMS300 XML Content Management Solution

Nov 22, 2002

Ektron, Inc. has launched Ektron CMS300. This browser-based system offers powerful content management capabilities with unique WYSIWYG XML editing functionality. With Ektron CMS300, organizations have powerful XML authoring functionality in an intuitive content management environment. Ektron CMS300 is designed to deliver the same robust features found in Ektron's other content management solutions, including intuitive work areas for contributors and administrators, scalable workflow, an advanced permissions model, and an Explorer-like content folder design.  It includes the browser-based WYSIWYG XML editor, Ektron eWebEditPro+XML. Features of Ektron CMS300 include: improved consistency in Web pages via enforced page layout and content formatting; centralized control over site usability and appearance; reduced review and revision time; the ability to separate content from presentation, via XSLT and CSS; the ability to manage HTML, XHTML, and XML, with an option for adding XML capabilities where and when needed; and business-authored XML for use elsewhere (B2B transactions, CRM and portal environments, enhanced search, data analysis). Ektron CMS300 runs on Microsoft Windows servers, and works with several Web application servers including Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), ASP.NET, Macromedia ColdFusion or PHP. Ektron CMS300 is priced at US$4,999 to $19,999.