Ektron CMS300 Features XML and Web Services Functionality

Apr 08, 2003


Ektron has announced that the Ektron CMS300 version 2.5 now offers Web Services features in an effort to simplify the creation, publishing, and management of content within an organization. Additional enhancements include new Oracle support and new editing functionality from Ektron's editor, eWebEditPro+XML. Ektron CMS300 is a browser-based XML content management solution that is Web services-enabled. It includes XSLT support, XML validation through DTDs and Schemas, multi-step workflow and an open API for extendibility. Users with little technical knowledge can create XML content in a word-processor or forms-like environment. With Web Services, the barriers associated with the Web due to dissimilar platforms are removed. This allows Ektron CMS300 to serve managed content to a variety of heterogeneous systems. With Web Services, content can be consumed by a variety of clients, independent of operating system, programming language, or Web server. Beyond new Oracle support, CMS300 version 2.5 adds automatic image upload when pasting from Microsoft Word, commenting features for collaboration, search and replace in WYSIWYG and HTML mode, and other editor enhancements. A component-based solution priced under $20,000, Ektron CMS300 is commonly deployed in hours within Microsoft ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion and PHP environments. For high-end or organization-specific needs, this solution can be customized or extended. Ektron CMS300 is one member of Ektron's family of content management solutions. Ektron CMS200 is a full-featured, scalable system for low- to high-end deployments, and Ektron CMS100 is an entry-level solution for a limited number of end-users.