Ektron Adds Macintosh Support and Redlining Versioning Tool to CMS

Jan 27, 2004


Ektron, Inc., has added a new editing tool and platform support to the Ektron CMS200 and CMS300 content management solutions. Both CMS products are now available for the Macintosh platform and include a redlining versioning tool.

Ektron's eWebDiff content comparison tool shows the difference between two versions of a content block in Ektron CMS. This detailed tracking feature, similar to the "track changes" command in Microsoft Word, is designed to ensure accountability throughout the content editing process. Redlining highlights modified content for ease of review. Users editing or approving a content block can compare the latest version to a previously published version, and compare historical versions to view changes made over time.

Based on requests from users including those in educational institutions and interactive agencies, Ektron now supports the ability to use CMS functionality on the Mac. Ektron CMS allows business users to contribute HTML or XML content and images to the Web via a browser-based, word processor-like interface. An automated workflow ensures proper checks and balances through the approval and publishing stages. Version histories permit site auditing and rollbacks while Web site designs remain untouched.