EasyAsk Releases New Version with Merchandising and Analytic Capabilities

Feb 18, 2003

EasyAsk, provider of Synchronized Search and Navigation, has introduced a new version of its solution featuring merchandising and analytic capabilities. With this release, EasyAsk intends to deliver a full-featured solution that allows online retailers to improve their online merchandising capabilities to increase results. EasyAsk's new version is designed to provide greater analytical insight into consumer behavior and shopping preferences and enable retailers to deliver EasyAsk MyStore, a personalized approach to searching that makes it easier for customers to find their preferred selections during repeat visits. EasyAsk designed the Merchandising Manager Dashboard specifically for merchandising managers and site administrators who define product attributes, such as size and style, so that products and brands are promoted in the context of what individual consumers are searching for. With EasyAsk, attribute display and ordering can now be specified. In addition, this version of EasyAsk enables online retailers to feature products based on specific business needs (e.g., preferred partners, seasonal specials, highest margin, overstock, etc.). EasyAsk MyStore is a customizable service that allows shoppers to create their own catalog preference page based upon their search and navigation criteria, such as favorite brands, size, and price range, as well as the preferences of friends and family members. This service is designed to make future shopping sessions faster.