EasyAsk Introduces Commerce Advisor

Sep 26, 2003

EasyAsk, a provider of information access software and Synchronized Search and Navigation, has announced EasyAsk Commerce Advisor, a component of its new EasyAsk Enterprise 9 platform designed for the needs of business-to-business and business-to-consumer commerce Web sites featuring products, services, and related content. Built on the EasyAsk Enterprise 9 platform, EasyAsk Commerce Advisor is designed to provide intuitive information access to content regardless of format or location, with integrated search, navigation, merchandising, and analytic capabilities.

EasyAsk Commerce Advisor is designed to help etailers provide online customers with the same customer experience and support that they would enjoy in a physical store location or through a call center. By enabling access to both structured and unstructured content, EasyAsk Commerce Advisor allows shoppers to find products, which are cataloged in a database, as well as product-related information in the form of outdoor articles, hunting and fishing tips, destination guides, and other informational content. Commerce Advisor uses automated concept extraction to interpret user queries and return precise matches or responses.

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