EOS e-Library Service Chosen by NATO

Dec 02, 2003

EOS International has announced the selection of EOS e-Library Service by the Public Diplomacy Division of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) to provide secure access to information. Available on a global basis, the EOS e-Library Service is designed to provide an innovative ASP-hosted alternative solution to local in-house systems.  

The Public Diplomacy Division of NATO undertakes information activities designed to enhance public knowledge and understanding of their activities. They had previously only offered access to their collection to in-house staff. Now the information stored in the NATO library will be accessible to off-site personnel as well.


Delivered directly to the library's desktop, the EOS e-Library Service user interface is customizable to any library, including the ability to insert logos, use organization-specific colors, and to securely control information access. The service enables libraries to manage business processes in a single, integrated system while supporting custom library workflows and polices.  

EOS International is a library information management software and service provider. EOS library automation software products (EOS.Web, EOS Q-Series, EOS GLAS, and hosted, EOS e-Library Services) are intended to serve the knowledge management needs of corporate, legal, medical, government, and special libraries of all sizes.