EDGAR Online Adds Call Transcripts and Events Calendar

Jan 06, 2004

EDGAR Online, Inc. has announced the addition of a complete collection of conference call transcripts, company Web casts, and an events calendar to its flagship EDGAR Online Pro service. EDGAR Online, Inc. is a financial information company specializing in making regulatory reporting by public companies actionable and easier. The conference call content, provided in partnership with CallStreet LLC and OpenCompany.info, is part of EDGAR Online's commitment to provide a complete online collection of company coverage. The company recently announced additions to its flagship EDGAR Online Pro service including complex fundamental, ownership, initial public offering and secondary offering datasets and advanced search tools-all of which EDGAR Online previously offered only to large enterprises as part of its EDGAR Online Explorer product (via XML API data feeds for intranet integration). The new EDGAR Online Pro offering will provide a corporate events calendar, webcast audio links, raw transcripts, corrected transcripts, and CallStreet Reports.

(http://www.callstreet.com), (http://www.edgar-online.com), (http://www.opencompany.info)