Feb 28, 2006

EBSCO Publishing has announced enhancements to the International Security and Counter-Terrorism Reference Center (ISCTRC), a database in this field of research. Through the company's partnership with United Press International (UPI), ISCTRC can leverage the addition of UPI's International Intelligence and Security and Terrorism news feeds.

International Intelligence covers international military and political policy for three main areas of regional coverage including Asia, Middle East, and the European Union (EU). The product consists of daily analytical pieces and briefings on critical military, policy, and economic developments written by experts. International Intelligence provides information for risk assessment analysts, researchers, consultants, government agencies, senior and middle ranking military officers, and senior management officials. This product provides information and analysis on such topics as Islamic issues, Peace Process, Conflicts and Resolution, Political Reform and Democratization, Policy and Politics, EU Affairs, Immigration, Demographics/Population Shifts, Markets, Trade Issues, Rising Economies, and Energy.

Security & Terrorism covers threats to North American security and the development of policies to counter terrorism and improve homeland security. This collection includes information concerning the following topics: Terrorism, Counterterrorism, Bioterrorism, Homeland Security, Security Alerts and Devices, Weaponry, Organized Crime, and Government Contracts.

(www.upi.com; www.ebsco.com)