EBSCO Announces A-to-Z Offering; Expands E-Package Renewals; and Makes Footnote.com Available to Libraries

Jun 16, 2009

EBSCO announced a new feature of its A-to-Z listing service, which enables researchers to browse e-journal tables of contents and directly access articles. The system’s new authentication option allows libraries to display resources to all users while restricting access to e-journals in accordance with publisher agreements. The new feature allows all users to access a library’s A-to-Z Reader Site including listings for e-journals subscribed to through EBSCO without needing to authenticate. In addition, the A-to-Z Administrator Site features allows libraries to control the appearance of the table of contents pages for all e-journals.

EBSCO also announced that it has expanded the availability of its newest collection management tool?E-Package Renewals on EBSCONET, to include additional publishers as well as library customers around the globe. E-Package Renewal provides: system-enforced contract terms to ensure subscriptions are renewed correctly; line-item-level pricing for package components, customized per contract terms where applicable; system customization for multi-library campuses and consortia, available renewal information, and a single web interface.

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) and Footnote have announced a distribution deal making EBSCO the exclusive worldwide distributor of Footnote.com for libraries and institutions. Footnote.com combines original historical documents and personal histories. The Footnote.com collections feature over 55 million images available from a content partnership with The National Archives and other regional archives.

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