EBSCO Adds Customization Features to A-to-Z

Oct 19, 2004

EBSCO has announced that it has added greater customization options to EBSCO A-to-Z through new customer-controlled notes and icons feature and provides more flexibility through enhanced proxy server settings. The notes and icons feature is designed to allow the administrator to completely customize notes for each library and to control where the notes display. Examples of local information to include as notes are indication of the physical location of print holdings within the library, access restrictions such as on-campus use only, indication that a resource is new to the list, or notification that a particular resource is unavailable.

Using enhanced proxy server settings, customers are now able to customize proxy server settings per vendor, package (database), or title for managed titles. This enhancement allows A-to-Z customers to send links to consortium titles through the consortium's proxy server while sending links to other titles through the library's own proxy servers. Customers may indicate if a specific proxy server is online or off-line and can designate a backup server for each proxy server. They may also designate a specific proxy server as the default proxy and set up vendors, packages, or titles to use the default. This allows the library to quickly change the active proxy server, even for vendors, packages, or titles that have custom proxy settings applied.

EBSCO A-to-Z provides library patrons with a single list of the electronic titles to which they have access. A library's print titles can also be included. With A-to-Z, users can locate and link to journals of interest. Users can search for journals by keyword or browse an alphabetical list by title or subject. Built-in administrative tools allow customization of the list including extensive branding options that allow the list to match the colors and style of the library's other Web-based services.