DreamWorks Chooses Limelight Networks for Online Movie Preview Delivery

May 13, 2005

DreamWorks LLC has chosen Limelight Networks, a content delivery network, to support online marketing efforts of the entire collection of the latest DreamWorks' movie releases. With films such as the recently launched The Ring Two and the upcoming Madagascar driving people online for a quick look, Limelight Networks will handle the demand for DreamWorks' trailers from a worldwide audience. Through its relationship with Limelight Networks, DreamWorks is able to accommodate large online audiences without the complexity or cost of managing a global content delivery network. DreamWorks is using the Limelight Content Delivery Network for distributed delivery of movie trailers and Web site content, both from its corporate site, DreamWorks.com, and the all of the standalone sites for individual DreamWorks properties, such as Shrek2.com. In addition to delivering trailers, Limelight Networks also supports DreamWorks in making its Web sites fully accessible visitors. Limelight provides distributed delivery for all of the images and objects associated with each DreamWorks site, as well as each site's interactive features.