Dow Jones Uses Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink

Aug 06, 2004

Copyright Clearance Center, a provider of copyright licensing and compliance solutions, has announced that Dow Jones & Company is using its point-of-content licensing solution, Rightslink, for a new online service, Special News Reports. This new service is designed to enable Dow Jones customers to access reprints of unique bundles of content that include articles from The Wall Street Journal and Barron's.

The Dow Jones collection of Special News Reports includes: "The Best Fund Families," "Barron's Roundtable," and "Mutual Funds Quarterly Review," as well as collections of articles from the staff of The Wall Street Journal on topics such as tax planning and retirement investing. These articles are bundled by Dow Jones and sold as a single printed product. Customers can review the various Special News Reports offered and preview a watermarked version of the final document before placing a credit-card order. Once the order is placed, reports are delivered as soon as the next business day to recipients specified by the purchaser.