Doonesbury Joins Slate Magazine

May 27, 2003

BEST PRACTICES SERIES, the Web site and home of the comic strip Doonesbury will now be available exclusively in Slate, the online magazine, forming a union between the satire of Garry Trudeau and Slate's opinion journalism. Under a new agreement among Slate,, and digital comics provider uclick, the 7-year-old Web site becomes part of Slate Magazine. Daily Doonesbury comic strips will be posted on the site, as well as a daily "SayWhat?" quote, a daily news feed, a weekly Straw Poll, "GBT's FAQs," and a 12-month searchable strip archive. Other site features include Doonesbury puzzles, the Castmaster trivia quiz, and a cryptic "Ask Duke" feature. Already running editorial cartoons that reflect various perspectives of the war and politics, Doonesbury adds another view to Slate.

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