DocuWare Introduces DocuWare 5

Feb 10, 2006

DocuWare has introduced DocuWare 5, which supports all forms of Electronic Signatures, designed to make secure online access to file cabinets possible from anywhere in the world, and integrating mobile users into a company's workflow processes.

Once DocuWare 5 has been installed on a mobile client, the user is able to take advantage of the full range of DMS features, even offline. By synchronizing information out of the central document pool with a file cabinet stored locally on the notebook computer, the user can tap into project materials, customer files, and client data with the click of a button--even while traveling. DocuWare 5 documents can be searched without a connection to headquarters as well as annotated/edited and then stored anew. Steps in work processes can be completed away from the office. With the next synchronization, any work completed will automatically be integrated in the workflow and then sent to other colleagues in the process. Via the Internet, a DocuWare 5-client can access any of the file cabinets stored at headquarters from anywhere in the world. The only thing that needs configuring is the correct IP address on the client.

DocuWare now supports both Advanced and Qualified Signatures that meet EU guidelines. In addition to individual, personal signatures, DocuWare 5 also supports Mass Signatures and Electronic Time Stamps. Many smaller enhancements in the details, such as in the DocuWare Viewer or the process for configuring search and store windows, have increased the comfort level for the user. All administrative tasks are captured in a hierarchical tree structure. And just like a client user, the DocuWare Administrator can now use the Internet to manage remote installations.