DocuLex Releases Archive Studio Content Management Software

Oct 17, 2008

DocuLex, creator of non-proprietary content management software, released Archive Studio content management software. Archive Studio provides information access to people working on projects in-house or remotely. The web browser-based content management software facilitates the capture of paper and electronic documents, OCR enabled and indexed for organization either in their native formats of PDF. Permission-based access is assigned to user's colleagues to add input, or to just view information. A permission-based portal is provided for users to access information to securely share content and collaborate with third party individuals or organizations without user logins. The portal can be utilized for sharing large or zipped files with outside vendors, customers, and business associates without email firewalls, ftp, and faxing. Automated expirations settings were added to provide a self management effort of eliminating temporary access to invitations, files, and folders.