Digital Generation Demands Ownership of Content

May 02, 2013

Over half of UK and US consumers would like to have the option to resell the digital content they have purchased, and 14% and 15% respectively believe it's legal to do so, according to the Digital Generation Report, commissioned by WorldPay.

Over 3,000 consumers who have purchased digital content online in the last 12 months in the UK and the US were surveyed with the goal of identifying today's Digital Generation, and its behaviors and preferences now compared to 2007.   

The research found a demand among consumers to have the option to recycle, part-exchange or access content across other devices they use, and confusion that exists regarding the ownership rights over content they have purchased. A third of US consumers and 25% of UK consumers believe they can legally pass on their digital goods, while 18% and 16% respectively believe they can part-exchange in return for new content.