DigiTrust Launches Industry-Wide Collaboration to Build Technology Solutions

Jun 19, 2014

DigiTrust is the first non-profit, industry-wide collaborative organization that will build technology solutions that improve the digital experience for consumers, publishers, advertisers, and technology platform. Just launched, DigiTrust was founded by twenty of the leading digital advertising technology platforms including 33Across, Casale Media, Centro, Dstillery, OpenX, PubMatic, Rubicon Project, RUN, Sizmek, and SpotXchange. As a first order of business, DigiTrust plans to take on the challenge of reducing the number of third-party requests on web pages.

DigiTrust determined that the volume of redundant third-party pixels placed on publishers' pages-for the purpose of synchronizing cookie-based identifiers between disparate platforms-is slowing down the experience and an improved method of third-party pixel deployment would benefit consumers and publishers. The expected growth of internet-connected devices used by each consumer, and of real-time bidding (RTB) partners integrated by publishers and marketers (each of which uses a different identifier), the volume of pixel synchronization events is expected to grow exponentially.

Pixel synchronization is a process that enables suppliers to include each buyer's cookie-based identifier in the bid request. The founding members of DigiTrust realized that a solution to eliminate the need for pixel synchronization would not only enhance the internet experience for consumers, but it would level the playing field for advertisers and technology partners by universally increasing their scale. DigiTrust sees this collaborative effort as critical to fueling industry-wide innovation and new business growth.