Digg Expands into General News Content and Features

Jun 30, 2006

digg, Inc., a web community that enables an internet audience to prioritize news and content, has announced the rollout of new features and functionality for the digg.com website, including the ability for users to prioritize content in new subject areas, such as World and Business, Entertainment, Science, and Gaming. The company also announced the ability for users to customize their views based on specific areas of interest, and the application of the digg concept to videos. A public Beta of the new digg site is now available.

In addition to the existing Technology section, the four new category areas will include a variety of subcategories, such as: World and Business (Business and Finance, Politics, World News, Offbeat News), Entertainment (Celebrity, Movies, Music, Television), Videos (Animation, Comedy, Educational, Music, People, Gaming), Science (Space, Environment, Health, General Sciences), Gaming (Gaming News, Playable Web Games), and Technology (Apple, Design, Gadgets, Hardware, Industry News, Linux/Unix, Mods, Programming, Security, Software, Tech Deals).

Also included in the new version of the digg website is the ability for users to create a digg view that displays only the specific content areas of the user's interest, as well as the ability to digg videos. The new customization functionality will provide users with a method for viewing relevant content. Similarly, additions have been made to the friends section of digg whereby users can be alerted to content that friends have agreed upon as well as listing people who have added you as a friend.