Dialog Launches Dialog Live News

Oct 05, 2004

Dialog, a Thomson business and a provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has announced the launch of Dialog Live News, a new personalized news monitoring service that offers automated streaming of real-time news reports. Dialog Live News is now available for subscription as a stand-alone service or as an optional add-on feature to two of the company's other online services, Dialog NewsRoom (a database of news reports from around the world) and Dialog Profound (a market research service). The new service resides on a recently launched technology platform that also hosts other Dialog business information, news, and market intelligence services, and shares an interface with the other services.

Dialog Live News is designed to enable users to continuously track news on their desktops without disrupting their workflow. Users can create up to ten profiles on topics relevant to their professions or businesses (such as competitors, regulatory agencies, market sectors, or other subjects) and then receive streaming headlines of news reports that match those profiles. Dialog Live News can be viewed from within the service itself, or it can be detached and run as other desktop applications are operating. Users can click on a scrolling headline to access the fulltext of the news report. The new platform features an interface with separate opening-screen tabs that link to each individual service, in an effort to enable users to readily search related arrays of content simultaneously and also to move between Dialog services without delay. The interface is designed to make it easy for occasional researchers to find relevant information quickly, while also meeting demanding needs of experienced professional searchers with more advanced search options.

Dialog Live News is the latest service to be available through a shared technology platform that hosts other Dialog business information, news, and market research services. Recently introduced versions of Dialog Profound and Dialog NewsRoom are now operating on the platform, with new versions of Dialog Intelliscope and Dialog NewsEdge slated to be launched on the platform next year. (The current versions of Dialog Intelliscope and Dialog NewsEdge may be accessed now through the same interface as Dialog NewsRoom, Dialog Profound, and Dialog Live News.)
(www.dialog.com; www.thomson.com)