Dialog Adds Trademark Images to TRADEMARKSCAN Finland and Sweden

Feb 07, 2003

Dialog, a Thomson business and a provider of online-based information services and integrated information solutions, has added images to the TRADEMARKSCAN files from Finland (File 679), and Sweden (File 675) available through the Dialog-branded family of online services. Dialog's portfolio of trademark files from Scandinavia, as with those from elsewhere around the world, are used by legal professionals, researchers, competitive intelligence specialists, marketing managers, and others to research and track intellectual property issues. TRADEMARKSCAN File 675 (Sweden) contains valid applications and registrations since 1885, plus unpublished applications and inactive unpublished and published trademarks since 1987. More than 77,000 trademarks, representing one-third of the file, now have associated images. TRADEMARKSCAN File 679 (Finland) contains valid applications and registrations published since 1891, plus inactive, unpublished and published trademarks since 1995. About 36,000 trademarks now have associated images, out of the file's total of approximately 120,000 trademarks. Additionally, all European trademark databases, as well as the International Register database of trademark information published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, are now updated on a weekly schedule.

(http://www.dialog.com), (http://www.thomson.com)