Demandbase Launches Retargeting Solution Built For B2B Advertisers

Nov 12, 2013

Demandbase, Inc., a targeting and personalization platform for B2B, launched B2B Retargeting, extending the capabilities of the existing Company-Targeted Advertising solution. The automated retargeting technology triggers real-time action based on website activity and ensures advertisers deliver the right messages to companies likely to become customers.

Demandbase's solution focuses on the way B2B buys and sells. Rather than retargeting all website visitors, Demandbase identifies companies in real-time, listens to buying signals based on advertiser-defined filters, then targets impressions to the companies when they are showing clear buying intent on a corporate website.

Demandbase's B2B Retargeting uses proprietary identification of companies, and then programmatically retargets and serves ads to the right ones, based on the advertiser's criteria for relevance and readiness to buy. These filters inform buying signals and ensure that every ad campaign is integrated with broader marketing strategy and sales goals. By automatically optimizing and maximizing targeting to reach the most important companies, advertising investment throughout the buying cycle can be clearly tied to revenue.